April 6, 2022
Founders Day Medal

UCF College of Arts and Humanities faculty members were honored at the 2022 Founders’ Day Honors Convocation on Wednesday, April 6. The annual ceremony honors UCF faculty and students for excellence across departments and disciplines. In recognition of outstanding teaching, advising, mentoring, research, professional service, librarianship and instruction, faculty are awarded research funding and encouragement to pursue their professional endeavors at the university.

This year, more than 20 arts and humanities faculty were honored at the ceremony. Chrissy Kolaya was honored with a Reach for the Stars award, which recognizes highly successful research and creative activity accomplished by early-career university professionals. Anne Bubriski, lecturer of women’s and gender studies and coordinator for the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) and Science Leadership and Mentoring (SLAM), was awarded the university award for excellence in professional service. A full list of faculty members who received college excellence awards or service awards is below.

Founders’ Day honors outstanding students as well. The dean of each college selects one undergraduate student every year to receive the Founders’ Award for exceptional work within their area of study. Students are also acknowledged for their theses and dissertations. This year, Alexandra Smith was awarded the Founders’ Day Award and Nicholas Odom received the Award for the Outstanding Honors Undergraduate Thesis for the College of Arts and Humanities.

The full list of 2022 Founders’ Day honorees from CAH include:

Reach for the Stars Award

  • Chrissy Kolaya (English)

The University Award for Excellence in Mentoring Doctoral Students

  • Mel Stanfill (English)

The College Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

  • Anastasia Salter (Texts & Technology)

The College Award for Excellence in Professional Service

  • Anne Bubriski (Women’s & Gender Studies)

The College Award for Excellence in Research

  • Jonathan Beever (Philosophy)

The College Award for Excellence in Faculty Academic Advising

  • Luis Martínez-Fernandez (History)

The College Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

  • Elizabeth Horn (School of Performing Arts)
  • Farrah Cato (English)
  • Tison Pugh (English)
  • Brandy Dieterle (English)

Professor Emeritus

  • John “Rick” Schell (English and Writing & Rhetoric)

20-Year Service Awards

  • Belinda Boyd (School of Performing Arts)
  • Jason Burrell (School of Visual Arts & Design)
  • Farida Cato (English)
  • Victor Davila (School of Visual Arts & Design)
  • Virginia Ludwig (Modern Languages & Literatures)
  • Maria Montalvo (Modern Languages & Literatures)
  • Blake J. Scott (Writing & Rhetoric)
  • John Shafer (School of Performing Arts)
  • Maria Spina (Modern Languages & Literatures)
  • Sybil St. Claire (School of Performing Arts)
  • Michael Strawser (Philosophy)
  • Robert Thornton (School of Performing Arts)
  • Scott Warfield (School of Performing Arts)

50-Year Service Awards

  • Donald Jones (Philosophy)

Student Awards

  • Founders’ Award
    • Alexandra Smith (English)
  • Award for Outstanding Honors Undergraduate Thesis
    • Nicholas Odom (Philosophy)