May 12, 2023

The annual CAH staff awards recognize employees who have delivered exemplary service to the college and UCF.

In 2023, the College of Arts and Humanities recognized staff members for their commendable dedication to UCF and the contributions of their efforts. Three of these staff members received prestigious honors that include a financial award of $600 each.

In a message to all faculty and staff, Senior Associate Dean Lyman Brodie told the staff, “These past few years, we have lived through unprecedented and challenging times. We would like to recognize all our staff for their hard work for the college and the university. Thank you all for your patience and diligence. You are not alone, we are all in this together.”

He also thanked the awards committee, Geri Smith, Lucretia Cooney and Jason Effron (former recipient of a CAH Staff Recognition award), for their assistance in reviewing the nominations.

CAH Staff award winners and nominees.


CAH Staff Award Winners

Joe Muley, School of Visual Arts and Design
Recipient of the award in honor of Dr. Bruce Whisler
Joe is the School of Visual Arts and Design’s Manager of Academic Support Services and he goes above and beyond the daily task as our building liaison. Highly dedicated, intelligent, reliable, adaptable, and fair-minded, Joe is an excellent leader who plays an integral role in keeping SVAD operations running smoothly on daily basis.

Mariana Chao, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
Recipient of the award in honor of Dr. David Vickers
Mariana was nominated for her “efforts in the University Writing Center (UWC) and Department of Writing and Rhetoric (DWR)” which “have been vital to the successful operation of both units through both her leadership and pandemic-related transitions during the last several years.” Mariana has been key to promoting the UWC, her efforts have shown an increased attendance engagement from workshops and events held this year. She has a great “ability to anticipate problems before they arise, collaborate to develop and implement solutions, and think through an initiative or project from every angle.”

Brendan Solinsky, School of Visual Arts and Design
Recipient of the award in honor of Tony Travaglini
Brendan is the Machine Shop Manager, overseeing equipment in SVAD’s Wood Shop. In this role, he balances accessibility and safety. Both duties are critical for the school, college, and university. Brendan arrived in his current position in the middle of the pandemic, when it was better to stay away, but instead he faced problems and volunteered beyond his job description. His skills are formidable and have benefitted the university with efficiency, grace, and cost-savings.

CAH Staff Award Nominees

Edna Rolle, CAH Dean’s Office
Having worked at UCF for over 35 years, Edna knows people. Not only does she knows people, “she knows how to read people, how to speak to them, how to listen to them, and to let them know that they are both seen and heard.” Her supervisor states, “Her (usually) quiet demeanor speaks of wisdom and experience, of having “seen this before” in so many cases, and of understanding and acting on the needs and requirements of a variety of situations.”

Hannah Estes, School of Visual Arts and Design
As SVAD’s Marketing Coordinator, Hannah “plays an integral role in maintaining our community presence through her tireless dedication to UCF Celebrates the Arts, the UCF Art Gallery, and Art Knight,” describes her recommender.

Kristin Wetherbee, CAH Dean’s Office
Her recommender states, “I never cease to be amazed at her knowledge of and skillful abilities to manage both pre- and post-award processes. Those abilities are not limited to knowing how to balance a budget or work with spreadsheets, fill out forms, or pay bills. Kristin is the real deal and is doing a complicated job.” As Director of Research, Kristin’s work portrays great patience in working with faculty to keep them engaged with research and keeping them informed of requirements and procedures, rules, laws, and policies, and a host of other research-related tasks.

SueAnn Mann, CAH Dean’s Office
SueAnn is a self-starter and she helps others to do their jobs when asked with care and concern not only for processes and outcomes, but for the people with whom she is working. SueAnn has been instrumental in digitizing processes and helping to design databases, guiding functionality and establishing auditing processes.

CAH Service Awards

Recognized for 5 years of service
  • Hannah Estes, School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Geoffrey Cravero, History
  • Lee Ann Gemeinhart, CAH Finance Business Center
  • Mike Shier, Center for Humanities and Digital Research
For 10 years of service
  • Lauren Becker, School of Performing Arts
  • Christine Michel, CAH Finance Business Center
  • Steven Blackburn, CAH Human Resources Business Center
For 20 years of service
  • Kristin Wetherbee, CAH Dean’s Office
For 25 years of service
  • Barbara Kelly-Hursey, CAH Finance Business Center
  • Jeff Golub, School of Performing Arts
For 30 years of service
  • Patricia Coderre, CAH Finance Business Center