July 31, 2018
People collaborating in an open office layout

One of the world’s oldest academic journals just published a special issue dedicated to studying “collective behavior,” which was assembled by an international group of leading researchers in the field, including UCF Philosophy Professor Stephen M. Fiore.

The special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society takes a broad and detailed interdisciplinary look at the interactions of human to human, mammal to mammal and insect to insect and how their built environments (from their offices to their nests) influence their behavior.

“Working on this special issue was an exciting challenge and we hope it ignites interest in many others to pursue an interdisciplinary study of how the built environment influences collective behavior,” Fiore says. “We purposely designed the issue to introduce scholars to a variety of methods and concepts to spark ideas for adoption and adaption by others similarly interested in the broad topic of architecture and collective behavior.”

Read the full story at https://today.ucf.edu/collective-behavior-researchers-bring-attention-field-study.