April 16, 2020

Rachel Greenwald, a graphic design student, is the 2020 recipient of the James R. Hopes Scholarship, for her impressive first attempt at a piece made entirely of sheet metal. The annually-awarded scholarship was established in 2010 to help promising visual arts and design students advance their careers. Greenwald, who is pursuing a major in Emerging Media – Graphic Design, will receive a $3,000 award.

The awardees are selected by a committee that evaluates the application, body of work and skills of the applicants. This year, the committee received 42 applications for the coveted award.

The graphic design curriculum covers art and technology, but not usually the medium of metalsmithing. Greenwald experimented to learn on her own. The piece The Write To Flight was her first attempt in these notoriously difficult materials, and her perseverance in an unknown medium secured her the prestigious scholarship.

Artwork Information: The Write To Flight, Rachel Greenwald, metal, 24”x19”x8”, 2019.

Greenwald started her journey in graphic design a decade ago by creating t-shirt designs for colorguard teams. From this entry-point, she developed a professional business, working with clients to create posters, banners, shirts, logos and more.

“Art and design has gone from something I used to do in my free time on weekends during primary school to something that can be a feasible career, and that is something I never thought I would have the chance to do, and I am incredibly grateful for these opportunities I have been given,” says Greenwald.

James R. Hopes has established scholarships to encourage talented art students with financial need to further their art careers. Mr. Hopes has a deep commitment to, and understanding of, the importance of education, the arts and the community. Winners will reflect the benefactor’s wish that students serious about a career in the arts, who exhibit financial need, will have the resources to reach their fullest potential as artists, human beings and contributors to the greater good.

For more information about this scholarship, visit scholarships.cah.ucf.edu/hopes.