September 21, 2022

Three Theatre UCF alumni are working together to realize their shared goal. With the help of a partnership with Orlando Repertory Theatre, their goal of seeing more on-stage diversity is coming to fruition. The Orlando Sentinel discusses how the group has learned so much since their first production.

The MAC Boys, the presenting group formed by UCF alumni Maurice Mallard, Arius West and Christopher Payen, just premiered their second show, Blues for an Alabama Sky, on September 18. The play straddles comedy and drama, and deals with contemporary issues despite being set in 1930.

The MAC Boys choose their productions and cast their own shows. Orlando Repertory Theatre provides rehearsal space and a theater for the productions, allowing the men to make a small profit. This symbiotic relationship allows the men to learn about topics like grant writing and obtaining the rights for plays from their mentor and artistic director Jeffrey Revels while bringing business to the theater.

In a short amount of time, the trio has laid down a more solid foundation for future productions. From more clearly-defined roles for the group to increasing marketing efforts, they have a distinct game plan in mind. In the face of minor issues with their first production, “you can’t swim unless you’re in the water,” says Mallard.

The MAC Boys remain optimistic, and plan to implement all that they have learned into subsequent performances. “The number one thing we’ve learned is we need to have meetings every week,” West says.

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