May 10, 2022
Eight awardees lined up

The annual CAH staff awards recognize employees who have delivered exemplary service to the college and UCF.

In 2022, the College of Arts and Humanities recognized staff members for their commendable dedication to UCF and acknowledged the challenging year the employees faced. Three of these staff members received prestigious honors that include a financial award of $600 each.

In a message to all faculty and staff, Senior Associate Dean Lyman Brodie told the staff “It is through your hard work that the College of Arts & Humanities continues to succeed. Thank you all for your everyday high intentions, sincere efforts, and hard work.”

He also thanked the awards committee, Rudy McDaniel, Kelli Marini and Ashli Van Horn, for their assistance in reviewing the nominations.

CAH Staff Award Winners

Awardees stand with Dean Jeff Moore










Allison Labine, School of Visual Arts and Design
Recipient of the award in honor of Dr. David Vickers
Allison wears several hats at the School of Visual Arts and Design. From supporting UCF Gallery operations and covering the SVAD front desk to assisting SVAD’s Marketing Coordinator and helping the Director of the Florida Prison Education Project with administrative support. Her recommender describes her as “bringing a positive attitude and having great dedication to her job.” Her customer service skills are highlighted throughout her recommendation and supporting letter.

Jason Effron, School of Visual Arts and Design
Recipient of the award in honor of Dr. Bruce Whisler
Hired for just equipment repair, the scope of his work has grown tremendously. Jason “is in charge of the operation, training and use of a wide range of equipment and tools for various types of student projects and he is responsible for the safety policies and measures related to set equipment and tools.” His nominator says, “with the constant distractions and disruptions that occur on a daily basis here at UCF, I am grateful to work alongside him….”

Lindsay Kuznia, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
Recipient of the award in honor of Tony Travaglini
Nominated by the collective faculty of the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, Lindsey routinely excels at her assigned duties which include managing the department budget, serving as HR liaison, and other duties. In addition, she has taken up the role of Administrative Assistant, a position that has been vacant for many months. One of her recommenders’ states, she is the department’s “go-to person in matters of urgency, and she never hesitates to help.”

CAH Staff Award Nominees

Mariana Chao, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
Mariana was nominated for her “efforts in the University Writing Center (UWC) and Department of Writing and Rhetoric (DWR)” which “have been vital to the successful operation of both units through both her leadership and pandemic-related transitions during the last several years.” Mariana has been key to promoting the UWC, her efforts have shown an increased attendance engagement from workshops and events held this year. She has a great “ability to anticipate problems before they arise, collaborate to develop and implement solutions, and think through an initiative or project from every angle.”

Hannah Estes, School of Visual Arts and Design
One of her nominator’s states, “She represents UCF with the utmost professionalism and goes above and beyond to help not only SVAD but all of CAH with her gifted skill set.” Hannah demonstrates a consistent level of commitment, dedication, outstanding work to SVAD, the college, and to the university.

Barbara Kelly-Hursey, School of Performing Arts
“She coordinates logistical support for over 700 students between the marching band, basketball bands, and 4 concert bands” in the School of Performing Arts. Barbara goes above and beyond her accounting duties. She is the sponsor for Tau Beta Sigma band sorority and coordinates multiple accounts. She is considered a valuable member of SPA’s team.

Dave Schreier, School of Performing Arts
As described in his supporting letter, “His professionalism is always high, and his positive manner is infectious.” Dave is highly regarded by his students, peers, and alumni. He wears multiple hats with dedication and professionalism. “Often flying beneath the radar and effectively carrying his responsibilities…Dave is persistently student-centered, always looking to enhance student experiences and successes.”

Mike Shier, Center for Humanities and Digital Research
“As a Research Specialist and the Journals Manager for the Center for Humanities & Digital Research, Mike is an integral team member and his efforts on behalf of the Center and College have been outstanding. The impact of his work is broad as he collaborates with the editors of over a dozen journals across all disciplines in the College and creates and maintains project and conference websites.” Furthermore, he has made lasting impact as mentor for graduate students through their experiences with publications and project management.

CAH Service Awards

Recognized for 5 years of service

  • Jessica Dorfman, School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Carla Gripp, Dean’s Office

For 10 years of service

  • Kendra Gilbertson, CAHSA
  • Sara Monroe, Department of English
  • Tiffany Rivera, Department of History

For 15 years of service

  • Mariana Chao, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
  • Eileen Ryan, Dean’s Office

For 20 years of service

  • Arlene Flores, School of Performing Arts
  • Delia Garcia, CAHSA

For 25 years of service

  • Samuel Waters, School of Performing Arts