By Laura Herrera |
September 8, 2022

UCF faculty, alumni and students are featured among 50 artists exhibited at Snap! Gallery’s 2022 Florida Showcase. Now in its fifth year, the 2022 Florida Showcase celebrates Florida-based photographers and artists. The exhibition is currently on view through Jan. 14, 2023, at Snap! Downtown Orlando. 

“Alongside the national, international artists and traveling exhibitions we bring to Orlando, we strive to highlight and celebrate the brilliance of our growing art community, by handpicking local gems,” said Snap! director and producer Patrick Kahn, “We have had a privileged relationship with UCF and SVAD (School of Visual Arts & Design), and year after year we have always been impressed with the talent and professionalism of the Visual Arts students, many of whom are currently in the showcase exhibition.” 

The three galleries at Snap have been taken over by works from 50 multimedia artists including UCF faculty Shannon Lindsay, alumni Daniel Harris 11, Rebecca Shuh 21, Ryan Price 18 22, Sarah Tucci 12, Tim Reid 12 21MFA, Mär Martinez ’20, Hunter Pylant ’19 ’22MFA and Juliet Romeo Dilenno ’17MFA, in addition to students Atticus Hohman and Brittney Fucheck. 

With record-breaking attendance of over 800 attendees on opening night, the Florida Showcase brought in community support and engagement by hosting more than 50 artists, their supporters and local art enthusiasts.

Out of 200 art submissions, 50 works were chosen through a juried selection.

However, the front gallery went through a distinctive selective process. Gallery 1 was curated by Snap co-director and UCF alum Holly Kahn ’93 alongside Patrick Kahn, who were consciously looking for a bright and cohesive display of visual art forms ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art.

“Curation of galleries 2 and 3 are more complex and challenging as we are juxtaposing single works by a great number of artists,” saidys Kahn, “It was also important for us to include mid-career artists alongside emerging talent.”

Snap! Orlando will be hosting an artist tour connecting locals to the chosen Florida artists on Nov. 5, 2023, and Nov. 12, 2023.

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