July 14, 2023
Dean Moore and Vivian Majkowski shake hands.

The College of Arts and Humanities is proud to celebrate the success and achievements of our faculty. In 2023, 30 faculty members have received promotion and/or tenure to recognize their dedication to the university. Congratulations to our exceptional colleagues! Read the full list of UCF faculty receiving promotion here.


Department of English
  • JD Applen, Professor
  • Anastasia Salter, Professor
  • Jane Vaughan, Senior Lecturer
Department of History
  • Barbara Gannon, Professor
  • Peter Larson, Professor
  • Eric Rutkow, Associate Professor
  • John Sacher, Professor
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Esmeralda Duarate, Associate Lecturer
  • Nick-Myrca Gauthier, Associate Instructor
School of Performing Arts
  • Jesse Cook, Associate Professor
  • Joe Gennaro, Senior Lecturer
  • Roberta Jensen, Associate Instructor
  • Benjamin Lieser, Associate Professor
  • Vivian Majkowski, Professor
  • Judi Siegfried, Senior Lecturer
  • Ross Winter, Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
  • Karina Cespedes, Associate Professor
  • Derek Green, Associate Lecturer
  • Michael Knight, Associate Professor
  • Cyrus Zargar, Professor
School of Visual Arts and Design
  • JoAnne Adams, Associate Lecturer
  • Melissa Geppert, Associate Lecturer
  • Shannon Lindsey, Associate Lecturer
Department of Writing & Rhetoric
  • Garrett Arban, Associate Instructor
  • Brandy Dieterle, Associate Lecturer
  • Nathan Holic, Senior Lecturer
  • Jamila Kareem, Associate Professor
  • Esther Milu, Associate Professor
  • Emily Proulx, Associate Instructor
  • Jennifer Short, Associate Instructor

View photos from the event here.