UCF’s Theatre for Young Audiences Program Is Much More Than a Niche Field

April 12, 2021  “The Grumpiest Boy in the World,” which will be performed at Celebrates the Arts, is the latest production out of the Theatre for Young Audiences program — an important arts education field that provides a range of skills and career opportunities.

Video: UCF Music charges on and adapts during Covid-19

April 12, 2021  UCF Symphony Orchestra Director, Chung Park, and UCF Percussion faculty member, Thad Anderson, discuss how UCF Music adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their year of hard work culminates in their first live performances in front of an audience at UCF Celebrates the Arts 2021.

UCF band embraces diversity in season ending performance

April 12, 2021  UCF’s wind ensemble and symphonic band ended their season by celebrating diverse composers Thursday evening.

UCF SoAl Chorus sings 19th Amendment’s praises

April 12, 2021  The centerpiece of the group’s rehearsal, a piece titled “Suffrage Cantata,” pays tribute to the passage of the 19th Amendment, which granted American women the right to vote.

Visual Arts Take Center Stage at UCF Celebrates the Arts

April 09, 2021  This year, UCF Celebrates the Arts will feature a series of events highlighting the visual arts and visual artists at UCF from April 2 to 10.

2021 Founders’ Day Awards Honor Excellence in the Arts and Humanities

April 07, 2021  Faculty members from across the college were honored for the 2021 Founders’ Day Honors Convocation, which recognizes UCF faculty members and students from across disciplines for their academic achievements, contributions and tenures.

Reach for the Stars Honorees Pushing the Boundaries of Earth and Space

April 07, 2021  Five faculty members were recognized for their outstanding research and creative activity, including Mel Stanfill, assistant professor of English and Texts and Technology.

Meet the 2021 Pegasus Professors

April 07, 2021  Five UCF faculty members have been chosen for the 2021 Pegasus Professor award, including Luis Martínez-Fernández, associate professor of history.

2021 Founders’ Day Honorees

April 07, 2021  The annual recognition celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of our faculty members and students.

An Immersive Percussion Piece Leads Variety of Ensemble Events at UCF Celebrates the Arts

April 07, 2021  Leading a score of diverse ensemble events at UCF Celebrates the Arts, “Inuksuit” will immerse performers and audiences alike in a unique percussion experience.

Alumni Poet Spotlight: Malcolm Kelly ’16 ’20MFA

April 07, 2021  Malcolm Kelly ’20 is a poet, essayist and spoken word performer. His work deals with race, sexuality, queerness and the idea of love.

Graduation Info for 2021 Spring Graduates

April 05, 2021  The commencement ceremony for graduates of the College of Arts and Humanities will be Friday, May 7 at 9 am.

Alumni Poet Spotlight: Audi Barnes ’17 ’20MFA

April 05, 2021  Audi Barnes ’17 ’20MFA is a poet, essayist, and the founder of the WE HAVE VOICES reading series dedicated to amplifying the work of local Black writers.

Celebrate the Arts From the Comfort of Your Couch

April 05, 2021  This year, UCF Celebrates the Arts is harnessing the power of art — and the virtual world — to bring our community together.

UCF Alum Gets 2nd Chance at Celebrates the Arts

April 03, 2021  One year after the pandemic thwarted his dream of stage managing the annual festival, Bobby Malke ’20 gets a second chance to take his place behind the stage at UCF Celebrates the Arts.

UCF Celebrates the Arts 2021 Offers Events for the Whole Family to Enjoy

April 02, 2021  UCF Celebrates the Arts 2021 will offer events for the whole family, from the young to the young at heart!

CAH Alumna Named National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

April 01, 2021  A record-breaking 16 UCF students and alumni, including a CAH alumna, were named National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellows this year.

SVAD Professor Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz Uses Art to Call for Change

April 01, 2021  Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz is a renowned interdisciplinary artist and associate professor who seeks to use art as a medium for social awareness and change.

James C. Clark Discusses Consequences of Controlling Voters Through Legislation

April 01, 2021  James C. Clark, senior lecturer of history, has been featured in the Orlando Sentinel as a guest columnist for his insight on the unintended consequences of controlling voters through legislation.

Amelia Lyons Discusses Women’s History Month

April 01, 2021  Amelia Lyons, associate professor of history, sat down with Spectrum News to discuss Women’s History Month.