August 14, 2023

Man and woman view artwork and research posters on display
2022–2023 funded research projects involving UCF College of Arts and Humanities personnel include:

Artificial Social Intelligence to support Macrocognition in Teams (ASIMT) (US Army Contracting Command)

Expanding UCF’s Center for Humanities and Digital Research (CHDR) Infrastructure, Research, and Public Programming  (National Endowment for the Humanities) 

The Florida Prison Education Project: A Panel Discussion and Exhibition of Prison-based Art (Florida Humanities) 

Florida Virtual School Collaboration for SEL Curriculum Design (Florida Virtual School)

LSI Orlando Health AP (Clinical Trial A)  

(MINERVA) “Understanding Individual and Team Cognition in Support of Future Space Missions” (US Air Force Office of Scientific Research)

Multi-method Assessment of Attitudinal Factors Affecting Process and Performance in HAT (US Army Contacting Command) 

NEA Big Read 2024 (Arts Midwest) 

Operación Pedro Pan: The Voices and Stories of Cuba’s Child Exodus (Florida Humanities) 

Virtual Experience Research Accelerator (VERA)  

Printed Matters: Early Representations of the Caribbean in British Periodicals (The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals) 

Project English-Learner Infused Training and Experience (ELITE) (US Department of Education)

Re-Membering Puerto Rican Arts and Culture Five Years After María (Florida Humanities) 

Reaching for the Stars as a Global Citizen: An Intellectual Journey of Asia and the World (Eurasia Foundation) 

SLAM-Space (American Association of University Women)

STARTALK UCF: How Words Shape People: Understanding Business Russian Through Proverbs 

UCF Celebrates the Arts 2023 (State of Florida) 

UCF Veterans Legacy Program Institute (US Department of Veterans Affairs)

War Unfolding: War Through the Words of Soldiers and their Loved Ones (Florida Humanities)

With More Than Words: Exploring Material Rhetorics and Social Change (Florida Humanities)

Faculty PIs receiving awards

Jonathan Beever
Louise Kane Bishop
Ann Bubriski
Vanessa Calkins
Matthew Dombrowski (2)
Stephen Fiore (3)
Scot French
Barbara Gannon
Amy Giroux (3)
Bruce Janz (2)
Mark Kamrath (2)
Alla Kourova

Lanlan Kuang
Connie Lester
Amelia Lyons
Florin Mihai
Cecilia Milanes (2)
Brook Miller
Lisa Nalbone (2)
Laurie Pinkert
Melissa Pompos
Mike Shier
Michael Wainstein
Keri Watson (3)

Faculty and staff involved in proposal submissions

Before a research grant is awarded, considerable time and effort go into preparing the proposal. We recognize and thank CAH faculty and staff involved in research grant proposals in 2022–23:

Jonathan Beever (4)*
Anne Bubriski*
Vanessa Calkins
Matthew Dombrowski (2)
Esmeralda Duarte
Tiffany Earley*
Stephen Fiore (2)*
Barbara Gannon (2)
Amy Giroux (3)
Jason Gregory
Bruce Janz
Emily Johnson (2)*
Alice Korosy
Alla Kourova (2)*
Lanlan Kuang (3)*
Amelia Lyons (2)*
Cecilia Milanes*
Brook Miller (3)*
Lisa Nalbone
Jessie Oldham
Evelin Pegoraro
Yovanna Pineda*
Laurie Pinkert*
Melissa Pompos
Maria Redmon (2)*
Anastasia Salter (3)
Sandra Sousa
Chloe Spencer*
Mel Stanfill (4)*
Sonia Stephens*
Stella Sung
Gergana Vitanova
Michael Wainstein (3)*
Keri Watson (5)*
*Primary investigator