August 25, 2022

Man and woman view artwork and research posters on display
2021–2022 funded research projects involving UCF College of Arts and Humanities personnel include:

Dual Language Support through Technology Enhanced Programs and Strategies (Dual Language STEPS) (US Department of Education)

FCI: The New First Line of Defense: Building Community Resilience through Residential Risk Disclosure Resilience (National Academy of Sciences)

Artificial Social Intelligence to support Macrocognition in Teams (ASIMT) (US Army Contracting Command)

The Florida Historical Quarterly’s 8th Annual Jerrell Shofner Lecture on Florida History and Culture (Florida Humanities)

Multi-method Assessment of Attitudinal Factors Affecting Process and Performance in HAT (US Army Research Lab)

Laughing Gull 2021-24 (Laughing Gull Foundation)

LGF Travel Grant (Laughing Gull Foundation)

Matthew Johnson Course Buyout (Fall 2021) (Z Properties Group, Inc)

CRT: A Critical Conversation About Race and History (Florida Humanities)

The Global Pandemic of 2020-2022: Contexts and Current Perspectives (Florida Humanities)

Understanding Folk and Cultural Traditions in Our Time: A Humanities Workshop (Florida Humanities)

UCF Celebrates Indigenous Expression (Florida Humanities)

Increasing Access to and Usability of Health Communications for Alaska Natives in Rural Alaska (Association for Computing Machinery)

Digging Up Data: Collaborative Approaches to an Open Archaeology (The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus)

Examining Indigenous Florida Project (Patz Foundation)

Matthew Johnson Spring 2022 Course Buyout (Winter Park Designs)

Leadership Coaching (Laughing Gull Foundation)

Florida Virtual School Collaboration for SEL Curriculum Design – Summer 2022 (FLVS)

Summer Stipend (National Endowment for the Humanities)

Faculty PIs receiving awards

Jessica Campbell
Jeremy Carnes
Matthew Dombrowski
Esmeralda Duarte
Tiffany Early (2)
Stephen Fiore (2)
Jason Gregory
Matthew Johnson (2)
Mark Kamrath
Jamila Kareem
Lanlan Kuang
Connie Lester (1)
Kerry Purmensky
Sonia Stephens
Keri Watson (3)

Faculty and staff involved in proposal submissions

Before a research grant is awarded, considerable time and effort go into preparing the proposal. We recognize and thank CAH faculty and staff involved in research grant proposals in 2020–21:

Jonathan Beever* (2)
Rose Beiler*
Louise Kane Bishop*
Anne Bubriski*
Jessica Campbell*
Jeremy Carnes*
Robert Cassanello*
Geoffrey Cravero (2)
Matthew Dombrowski* (2)
Esmeralda Duarte
Tiffany Early* (2)
Stephen Fiore* (2)
Scot French
Luciana Garbayo*
Heather Gibson
Amy Giroux* (6)
Jason Gregory* (2)
Connie Harper (4)
Tommy James* (2)
Bruce Janz* (4)
Matthew Johnson* (3)
Mark Kamrath*
Jamila Kareem* (2)
Chrissy Kolaya
Alla Kourova* (6)
Lanlan Kuang*
Paul Lartonoix
Connie Lester* (2)
Claudia Lynch
Florin Mihai
Brook Miller (3)
Esther Milu*
Tracey Morrison*
Lisa Nalbone*
Maria Redmon*
Sherry Robertson
Bert Scott
Sandra Sousa
Michael Wainstein*
Keri Watson* (3)
Cyrus Zargar*
*Primary investigator