April 15, 2022

The College of Arts and Humanities is proud to celebrate the success and achievements of our faculty and staff. In 2022, 22 faculty members have received promotion and/or tenure to recognize their dedication to the university. Congratulations to our exceptional colleagues! Read the full list of UCF faculty receiving promotion here.


Laurie Uttich, Sr. Lecturer

Melissa Ringfield, Associate Instructor



Duncan Hardy, Associate Professor

Edward Dandrow, Associate Professor

Tiffany Earley, Associate Professor


Modern Languages & Literatures

Charlotte Trinquet du Lys, Professor

Lisa Nalbone, Professor

Milagro Truyol, Associate Lecturer


Performing Arts

Tremon Kizer, Associate Professor

Christine Lapka, Associate Professor

Jeremy Hunt, Professor

Kirk Gay, Sr. Instructor



Christian Ravela, Associate Professor


Visual Arts & Design 

Cheryl Briggs, Professor

Ilenia Colon Mendoza, Professor

James Cameron, Associate Lecturer

Theo Lotz, Sr. Lecturer


Women’s and Gender Studies

Anne Bubriski, Associate Lecturer


Writing and Rhetoric 

Laurie Pinkert, Associate Professor

Matthew Bryan, Sr. Lecturer

Stuart Dees, Associate Instructor

Adele Richardson, Sr. Instructor