May 1, 2019

For 10 years, the James R. Hopes Art Scholarship has helped UCF students pursuing art careers continue to chase their dreams. This year’s three recipients of the $3,000 award are Joane Lamisere, Cat Penagos and Zoraye Cyrus.

Joane Lamisere was selected for her painting submission. “My paintings are very unique because my decisions in color and composition are influenced by my background.” (artwork featured bottom left)

Cat Penagos was also selected for her painting. “I aim to create a paradox in which an entirely foreign painting can seem extremely familiar. I do this by creating the spaces with nostalgic colors which invites the eyes. These ambiguous spaces evoke a feeling of memory, of timelessness.” (artwork featured bottom center)

Zoraye Cyrus was selected for her drawing piece. “My art discusses different matters of racial identity, misconceptions, and reflections of past stories in a “post-racial America.” As a black woman, I focus on my own personal experiences along with cultural aspects within the black community.” Cyrus also recently won first place in the Women in the Arts competition and was selected to exhibit in the Atlantic Center for the Arts 30th Annual University Student Exhibition(artwork featured bottom right)


JR Hopes Winner Joane Lamisere's Painting JR Hopes Winner Cat Penagos' Painting JR Hopes Winner Zoraye Cyrus' Drawings


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