By Allison LaBine |
February 4, 2022
Screenshot of The Montreal Review website with painting by Amer Kobaslija

Amer Kobaslija, associate professor of studio art in UCF’s School of Visual Arts and Design, was featured in the Montréal Review for his eighth solo exhibition at the George Adams Gallery.

Continuing his practice of painting friends, family, and neighbors, depicted in their local surroundings, In Passing, however, replaces the central figures in many paintings with scarecrows, costumed trick-or-treaters, circus and street performers, and even his daughter’s toys to reflect current pandemic circumstances.

An immigrant from former Yugoslavia, Kobaslija’s work is infused with past and present life experiences. “It’s tricky to make sense of it in my head – lacking a sense of belonging, being at home everywhere and nowhere, floating in-between,” Kobaslija states. “It’s a nomadic experience. The good thing is that if you are a painter, you can mine that strange land that you physically and mentally occupy – it can be a fertile soil.”

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Featured image: The Montréal Review’s “Amer Kobaslija: An Interview” 
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