April 24, 2023
A picture from Reach for the Stars: UCF Alumni Showcase.

Matt Palm of the Orlando Sentinel says the university’s annual festival, UCF Celebrates the Arts, is “definitely worth celebrating.”

“The word “celebrates” is right there in the title of the annual University of Central Florida arts festival at the Dr. Phillips Center in downtown Orlando, so it’s no surprise there was plenty of celebrating during the fest’s final weekend,” says Palm.

“Friday night’s main event in Steinmetz Hall, was a concert saluting UCF alumni who found success in the arts — complete with a hologram performance, definitely a first for me. Saturday’s finale moved to the Walt Disney Theater to mark 10 years of public-broadcasting station WUCF with a concert titled “Broadway’s Brightest Lights” that will air nationwide later this year. It was headlined by Tony-winner Megan Hilty.” He continues, “All in all, fitting ways to wrap up this year’s installment of UCF Celebrates the Arts, in which the university takes over the arts center with a full program of music, theater, dance, art, technology and more.”

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