August 30, 2021

Damian Thorn-Hauswirth, a student in the Animation and Visual Effects MFA program, has won an ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Educators Forum Scholarship. Each year, a panel of animation educators and professionals awards merit-based scholarships to students in the field of animation.

Students are asked to submit a variety of materials with their application, including a proposal, an estimated budget and — depending on what the student is pursuing — a portfolio of still art, an animation reel and/or a formal abstract for an academic paper. For the submission of his thesis film, Thorn-Hauswirth was awarded $5,000.

“I was ecstatic to hear that I was one of the winners of this year’s AEF scholarship,” Thorn-Hauswirth says. “The funds will go directly to supporting the development of my thesis film which is being created as a virtual reality experience. The scholarship provides the luxury of not having to worry about tuition this final year of school, allowing me to focus on the refinement and completion of my thesis.”

Damian Thorn-Hauswirth thesis frames
Still images taken from Damian Thorn-Hauswirth’s thesis project showcasing 360 VR images in a flattened 2D format

The UCF School of Visual Arts and Design is ranked No. 2 among the nation’s top public animation schools and colleges by Animation Career Review, an online resource for aspiring animators, graphic designers, digital artists and more.

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