May 22, 2023

The latest episode of CAH-nversations: A College of Arts and Humanities podcast features UCF theatre alum Edmarie Montes. She discusses her work on Pegasus PlayLab, UCF’s annual festival dedicated to developing work by emerging playwrights.

Listen to the full episode here.

About the Episode

Last summer, Edmarie Montes guest directed the Pegasus PlayLab workshop for Race to Infinity which was developed into a full production and performed at UCF Celebrates the Arts 2023. For this year’s Pegasus PlayLab season, she will guest direct a full production of Bite Me, which was workshopped at the Orlando Shakes’ PlayFest last year.

Bite Me will be performed at Pegasus PlayLab June 14 through June 17 at 7:30 pm in the UCF Black Box Theatre. Learn more about Pegasus PlayLab and buy tickets for this year’s plays here.

In the episode, Montes reflects on the importance of viewing new work to better understand the issues faced by today’s world.

“At Pegasus PlayLab, we’re watching art be created in real time. The next great American play could be created in any of these workshops, which I think is the most exciting thing,” Montes says in the interview.

“Most theatre institutions will always go back and refer to the classics, and that’s great. But one of the best things about new work is that it reflects our current society,” Montes continues. “Just like Shakespeare’s works were a commentary on what was happening at his time, all the new works that are being written by these emerging playwrights are commentaries on what’s going on now, and it’s all very relevant. It’s very important to be able to see these current issues through the lens of art because art is a lie that tells the truth.”