April 5, 2024
A hand holds a medal with a pegasus on it,

UCF’s annual marquee event, Founders’ Day, recognizes the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff for outstanding teaching, advising, mentoring, research, professional service and librarianship.
2024 Founders’ Day honorees from the College of Arts and Humanities include:

Student Awards

Order of Pegasus Students Inductees

Student award categories highlight new inductees of the Order of Pegasus, UCF’s highest student honor; graduate awards for outstanding master’s thesis and outstanding dissertation; undergraduate awards for honors undergraduate thesis; and individual college awardees as chosen by the respective college deans. All honorees earned financial awards.

  • PS Berge, Texts & Technology
  • Keidra Navaroli, Texts & Technology
  • Darya Sulkouskaya, Modern Languages and Literatures
Undergraduate Awards
  • Isabella Moreno, College Founders’ Awards
  • Njeri Kinuthia, Outstanding Creative Work
  • Alyssa Bent, Outstanding Honors Undergraduate Thesis

Faculty Awards

Reach for the Stars Awardees

The Reach for the Stars award recognizes early-career professionals with highly successful research and creative activity with a national or international impact.

  • Choe Rae Edmonson, Performing Arts Theatre

Excellence Awards

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
College Awardees
  • Ilenia Colon, Visual Arts and Design
  • Matthew Dombrowski, Visual Arts and Design
  • Ashley Taylor, Visual Arts and Design
  • Keri Watson, Visual Arts and Design
Excellence in Graduate Teaching
College Awardees
  • Julia Listengarten, Performing Arts Theatre
Excellence in Research
College Awardees
  • Sandra Sousa, Modern Languages and Literatures

Retired and Retiring Faculty

  • Michelle Adams
  • Stephen Ethridge
  • Keith Kovach
  • Earl Weaver
Faculty Emeritus and Emerita
  • Lynn Hepner, Associate Dean Emerita, Dean’s Office
  • Keith Koons, Professor Emeritus, Performing Arts Music
  • Keith Kovach, Associate Professor Emeritus, Visual Arts and Design

Retired and Retiring Staff

  • Patricia Coderre
  • Edna Rolle
  • Maryline Rosario

Service Awards

Faculty 30 Years of Service
  • Amy Barnickel, Writing & Rhetoric
  • Jocelyn Bartkevicius, Creative Writing
  • Rosalind Beiler, History
  • Marie Leticee. Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Jeffrey Moore, Dean
  • Joanne Stephenson, Performing Arts Music
Faculty 20 Years of Service
  • Amy Darty, History
  • Luis Martinez-Fernandez, History
  • Judi Siegfried, Performing Arts Dance
Faculty Senate 20 Years of Service
  • Mason Cash, Philosophy
Staff 25 Years of Service
  • Jeffrey Golub, School of Performing Arts
  • Barbara Kelly-Hursey, School of Performing Arts
Staff 20 Years of Service
  • Kristin Wetherbee, Dean’s Office
Staff 10 Years of Service
  • Lauren Becker, School of Performing Arts Advising
  • Christine Michel, Dean’s Office
Staff 5 Years of Service
  • Geoffrey Cravero, History RICHES
  • Hannah Estes, Visual Arts and Design
  • Stephen Shier Jr., Texts and Technology