November 21, 2022

Ann Gleig, associate professor of Religion and Cultural Studies at UCF, has been selected as McGill University’s Numata Visiting Professor for the Fall 2023 term.

This fellowship is awarded annually to distinguished Buddhist Studies professors around the world. Gleig sets a new precedent as the first professor who researches Buddhism in the U.S. to be awarded this fellowship. Her research on Buddhism in the U.S. and Buddhist Studies in general has had a significant impact on the academic field of Buddhism.

Next year, Gleig will teach a graduate and upper-level undergraduate seminar titled “Power, Justice and Identity in American Buddhism.” This seminar will draw on two of her works: American Dharma: Buddhism Beyond Modernity and Abuse, Sex and the Sangha to examine how issues of racial justice, whiteness, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, sexual abuse, class and commodification are shaping emergent forms of Buddhism in the U.S.