April 5, 2023
Nancy Stanlick

The Department of Philosophy welcomes Dr. Nancy Stanlick as department chair, effective August 8, 2023.

Stanlick joined UCF in 1987 and has been a full-time member of the Department of Philosophy since 1999. In 2010, she joined the administrative team in the dean’s office of the College of Arts and Humanities. In her role as associate dean, she oversees faculty, staff and student affairs, research, assessment, contract compliance and property control.

In addition to her leadership experience, Stanlick has 41 years of teaching experience in and out of the classroom. She has taught introductory level to graduate courses, in a range of topics from logic to ethics to history of philosophy. She co-initiated UCF’s on-campus ethics bowl competitions and co-sponsored the team’s first few years of regional competitions. She has won several teaching awards, including TIP, SoTL, Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Excellence in Teaching with Technology.

She has continued to teach in a variety of ways in her administrative position, including teaching the Burnett Honors College Freshman Symposium, College of Graduate Studies Pathways, Seminar in Academic Integrity, and facilitating discussions and giving presentations for new administrators in the SUS at the Institute for Academic Leadership (IAL).

Jeff Moore, dean of the college, says that Stanlick’s many years of leadership experience and teaching will serve the department well.

“I’m pleased Nancy has accepted this new leadership position after serving with such distinction in the dean’s office” says Moore. “Her background and experience at UCF will be critical in further strengthening the philosophy department. As a leader it is important to have knowledge of your discipline, but also to understand the people you serve, along with all university policies, procedures and regulations. Nancy has already shown herself to be an effective administrator and persuasive advocate for her colleagues and I look forward to seeing the results of her leadership over the next five years.”

In her administrative philosophy statement, Stanlick stated, “My administrative “philosophy” and approach is other-regarding, student-centered and faculty oriented. It is to serve the mission, vision and goals of the department, college and university for the benefit of students and faculty. My focus is on assisting faculty in teaching and research enhancement and development; to develop and increase majors and department programs; to help students to achieve their educational goals; to work closely with administrative offices to manage our department processes efficiently and responsibly, both fiscally and for the interests of the people who constitute our department.”

In addition to serving as chair of the department, Stanlick will continue to pursue her research interests in ethics and modern philosophy. Stanlick is the author of six published books in the areas of American philosophy, modern philosophy and ethics. Her other publications include several articles and book chapters on Thomas Hobbes, ethics, social/political thought and the history of philosophy. Her funded research includes one external and three internal awards.

Stanlick is looking forward to her new leadership role and fostering the development of programs, faculty and students in the department. “My experience and approach to administration is one of compassionate care, respect, and understanding guided by commitment to the interests of people and to university and other requirements and regulations and, most importantly, acting in responsible and ethical ways.”

The College of Arts and Humanities recognizes and thanks Dr. Michael Strawser for ten years of service as chair of the department.