October 24, 2022

A woman with a prosthetic arm grabs a building block.Since 2018, UCF’s Limbitless Solutions and 343 Industries, an American video game developer, have worked together to bring Halo-themed designs to prosthetics. The designs used for the prosthetics are created by students and faculty from UCF’s School of Visual Arts and Design.

As a result of their continued partnership, two new sleeves are joining the collection of Halo-themed prosthetics, reports Xbox Wire. One sleeve will be based off of Master Chief’s new armor as displayed in Halo Infinite, and the other based off the armor of Spartan Catherine-B320 from Halo:Reach.

Catherine-B320, also known as Kat, was one of the first major characters in the Halo universe to use a prosthetic limb. Kat demonstrates courage and tenacity in the face of adversity, and her sleeve represents a special connection between the Halo universe and the Limbitless mission.

To ensure the authenticity of the sleeve recipient’s chosen character, Limbitless worked closely with 343 Industries and Microsoft to develop a new satin matte green color.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership and to bring these new designs to life”, said Albert Manero co-founder of Limbitless Solutions. Our team cannot wait for children to proudly show these new bionic designs to their friends in their classrooms or on the playground.”

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