May 7, 2024

On May 2, the UCF College of Arts and Humanities held its annual Staff Awards ceremony. The event emphasizes the college’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the exceptional contributions of its staff.

During the ceremony, three staff members were honored with prestigious awards and a financial reward of $600 each in recognition of their hard work and commitment.

One of these awards were presented in honor of the late Dr. David Vickers, a dedicated and outstanding faculty member who served as the first chair of digital media and later as assistant to the dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Arts and Humanities.

Another award was given in honor of Dr. Bruce Whisler, an Associate Professor Emeritus who joined UCF in 1971; over the years, he developed and taught various music history and literature courses. After his retirement in 2001, he returned to work for the Office of Academic Affairs and later served as interim director of the Nicholson School of Communication.

An award was also presented in honor of the late Tony Travaglini, who worked as the technical manager for the College of Arts and Sciences for almost two decades.

The ceremony was an excellent opportunity to celebrate these individuals’ remarkable work and recognize their lasting impact on the university.

CAH Staff Award Winners

Susan Jefferson, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Recipient of the award in honor of Dr. Bruce Whisler
Susan Jefferson is an adaptive and empathetic member of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department. She demonstrates professionalism, leadership, and goodwill and is always willing to help others. Her recommendation states that she fulfills her duties at the highest level and has an unmatched ability to make everything okay for those around her, regardless of their circumstances.

Brook Miller, Center for Humanities and Digital Media
Recipient of the award in honor of Dr. David Vickers
Brook is a skilled technical developer and project manager who took on the role of a full-time programmer when CHDR lost one. He led a complex funded project and mentored a team of research assistants, interns, and undergraduates, leaving a lasting impact on their professional development.

Geoff Cravero, RICHES, Department of History
Recipient of the award in honor of Tony Travaglini
Geoff is the “beating heart” of RICHES, working with faculty, students, and the community. His professionalism, patience, positivity, and kind demeanor have had a great impact on the Georgetown National Register Historic District and many other projects.

CAH Staff Award Nominees

Lee Ann Gemeinhart, CAH Finance Business Center, Travel and Procurement
Lee Ann Gemeinhart is a highly valuable member of the Travel and Procurement team at CAH Finance Business Center. She is known for going above and beyond her role and assisting multiple units, faculty, and staff, even outside of her assigned responsibilities. Her colleagues admire her attention to detail and strong work ethic.

Pamela McGlinchey, CAH Human Resources Business Center
Pamela McGlinchey has been an exceptional employee in our college’s HR Business Center for over 8 years. During the transition to the HRBC model and Workday, she took the initiative to learn the new system and even helped others navigate it. Pamela’s dedication and positive attitude have been a source of inspiration for everyone

CAH Service Awards

Recognized for 5 years of service
  • Kara Gajentan, CAH Dean’s Office
  • Michael Leavitt, CAH Dean’s Office
  • Kirk Lundblade, Department of History
  • Lindsay Kuznia, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
For 10 years of service
  • Jessica Nguyen, CAH Finance Business Center
For 15 years of service
  • Neida Mora-Maus, CAH Dean’s Office
For 20 years of service
  • Joe Muley, School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Waheeda Illasarie, School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Janki Maraj, School of Visual Arts and Design

To view the list of past awardees, click here.