Welcoming New Faculty Members to the College of Arts and Humanities

August 22, 2023  The UCF College of Arts and Humanities welcomes new faculty members joining our college this upcoming fall semester!

UCF Alumni Announces 2023 Shining Knights Award Recipients

August 22, 2023  The awards include the Distinguished Alumni, John C. and Martha Hitt Honorary Alumni, Young Alumni and Distinguished Student awards.

CAH Funded Research: 2022–23

August 14, 2023  2022–2023 funded research projects involving the UCF College of Arts and Humanities.

Staff and Administration Changes Within the Dean’s Office

August 11, 2023  The administration and staff of the College of Arts and Humanities keep the college running smoothly and efficiently. This fall, we welcome several familiar faces to new roles.  

Art Bytes: Summer 2023

August 10, 2023  UCF’s School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) celebrates the achievements of faculty, alumni, and students as they pursue creative endeavors.

Delia Garcia Appointed Assistant Dean of UCF College of Arts and Humanities

August 09, 2023  Garcia will continue with her current areas of responsibility: curriculum, scheduling, and student success.

Peter Larson Appointed Associate Dean of UCF College of Arts and Humanities

August 04, 2023  In his new role, Larson will initially be responsible for overseeing the college’s research, program assessment, faculty qualifications management and certification (FQMS), faculty evaluations (SPOIs) and SACS-COC accreditation activities.

Honoring the Legacy of Sarah Brown ’19

August 01, 2023  Our goal is to raise $25,000, and your generosity will enable the foundation to establish an endowed scholarship, allowing Sarah’s legacy to live on forever.

UCF Art Gallery 2022-2023 Exhibition Review

July 31, 2023  In the 2022-2023 academic year, the UCF Art Gallery hosted a variety of exhibitions and programming, both in person and online.

Jazz Drums Professor Jason Marsalis Honors Late Father’s Love of Music

July 25, 2023  Jason Marsalis spoke with News 6 to share his excitement in joining UCF as Jazz Drums Professor and his hope to honor his father’s memory.

Associate Lecturer of English Christian Beck Awarded for His Accomplishments

July 25, 2023  Associate Lecturer of English Christian Beck has received the Mother Mary Catharine McGann Alumni Achievement Award for his career accomplishments.

UCF Student Film Receives Suncoast Regional Student Production Awards

July 18, 2023  The newest Honors documentary, Jewel of Parramore: The Wellsbuilt Museum, has received a Suncoast Regional Student Production Award.

Research in 60 Seconds: WWI’s Psychological Impact on Nurses

July 17, 2023  UCF history alum Kayla Elizabeth Campana ’15 ’22MA’s research focuses on the origins of psychological trauma and how treatment for it has changed over time.

UCF is Exploring the Intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence

July 17, 2023  In honor of Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day (July 16), here’s how UCF is leveraging this rapidly evolving technology in the arts to discover a world of possibilities.

Architecture Student Awarded Distinguished Gilman Scholarship to Study Abroad

July 17, 2023  The award provides students who may not otherwise have the financial means to travel abroad the opportunity to do so while encouraging the exploration of different countries.

CAH Faculty Honored with Promotion and Tenure in 2023

July 14, 2023  UCF awarded promotion and/or tenure to faculty members in the arts and humanities. Consideration for promotion and tenure takes nearly an entire academic year as faculty members are evaluated on three main areas: research, teaching and service.

Historian David Head Says Remember the “Founding Scoundrels”

July 07, 2023  Self-interested men like William Blount, Aaron Burr, and James Wilkinson helped build America, too, says historian David Head.

Not Throwing Away Her Shot: CAH Alumna Abby Jaros ’14 Blends Passions to Create Rewarding Career

July 07, 2023  Abby Jaros ’14 worked tirelessly to make her dreams a reality, using her passions to bring happiness to those in need.

UCF Researchers Pave the Way to Better Understand and Treat PTSD

June 30, 2023  In honor of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, here are efforts focused on helping those affected by this condition.

Born with a Rare Genetic Defect, SVAD Photography Alum Nadia Zomorodian ’21 Never Quit Fighting

June 28, 2023  After being told she may never graduate high school due to her rare genetic defect, SVAD alumna Nadia Zomorodian ’21 tells her story of beating the odds, graduating with a B.S. in Photography, and working as a photojournalist with Daytona Beach News-Journal.